Mind Mapping Is Going To Help You Remember More

If you’re like me, you’re a visual learner. Few other things have made note taking and revising more enjoyable to me than a mind map. Coggle.it is a killer mind mapping tool that helps like minded people get a better grasp of what they’re reading about and looking at. It’s great for note taking and they’re fun to make!

What Is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a Hierarchical method of organizing and structuring ideas and thoughts to a central topic at the center of a hand drawn or computer generated diagram. Ideas are thoughtfully connected with lines and can follow any number of directions or paths allowing you to get as granular as needed. The human mind experiences everything in a linear timeframe. If it were possible to have a photographic memory and remember everything you learned all at once and be able to perfectly recall it…well, we’d all be Patrick Mahomes II. I know I’d benefit from such an ability. I’d be happy to get rid of all my sticky notes.

What Does Research Say About It?

Research studies on mind mapping tools show improved information recall, creativity, productivity, and more. Before the advent of pen and paper ancient Romans and Greeks would develop mental visuals for things they needed to remember. They would be able to recall loads of information very quickly – like maybe one of Socrates speeches – in a snap. Their technique was called loci which is similar to the concept of mind mapping. Both techniques shared the same benefits of information retention and memorization. In a 2017 survey by Chuck Frey of Mind Mapping Software Blog found that the majority of respondents said the biggest benefit of mind mapping is that it helps them form an “improved understanding of complex issues.” More than half reported that they use mind mapping for project and knowledge management, and almost 40% use it for strategic planning. Some more stats from Frey’s survey:

  • 92% of respondents said that it helps them “distill information and reach clarity faster”
  • 83% said it helps them “share their ideas with greater clarity and impact”
  • 81% said i helps them “manage projects more efficiently”
  • 67% said it helps them “identify the root causes of business problems”

Frey asked, “Does your mind mapping software enable you to tackle more complex tasks and projects that you would have previously avoided?” 67% of the respondents said yes.

A mind map outlining concepts of SEO

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