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How Search Engines Work?

If you had to point to one thing that the digital market revolves around, it has to be search engines. Every day, over 3.5 billion searches are being processed by Google. Then, there are also other popular search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. It goes without saying that search engines can help make […]

What You Need To Know About Local SEO

Local SEO: What You Need To Know Local SEO is vital to smaller businesses that operate on a regional level against the national level. National SEO is more concerned with rankings in searches across the country, while local SEO solutions focus more on appearing on SERPs in a specific location. This strategy concentrates majorly on […]

Local SEO

What Is SEO And How Does It Work? SEO In A Nutshell

What is SEO? SEO or search engine optimization is the method or practice of getting a targeted audience to a particular website from a search engine’s organic rankings. Some everyday tasks linked with SEO, in a nut shell, include making high-quality content, optimizing the content around specific keywords, and generating backlinks. In simple words, SEO […]

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) — daneelyunus

I’m really enjoying getting to know a little Hyper Text Markup Language, or, HTML in my free time. Learning the code of your website is so rewarding. Being able to change the style of your content makes you feel like a sweet computer wiz. I also find it really fun to read other blogs about […]

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Mind Mapping Is Going To Help You Remember More

If you’re like me, you’re a visual learner. Few other things have made note taking and revising more enjoyable to me than a mind map. Coggle.it is a killer mind mapping tool that helps like minded people get a better grasp of what they’re reading about and looking at. It’s great for note taking and […]

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